Integrative medicine and Salutology

Do you want to have optimal performance? Improve your health? Take an integrative approach on your health problem?

I focus on evidence-based medicine and integrate a variety of approaches.

Personalised consulting

clinical Psycho-neuro-immunology

In this medical field a problem is approached from a psychological, neurological, immunological, endocrine, evolutionary and social point of view. We are organisms that function with enormous interplay between our systems. It is important to take all of them in account when we search for the root cause of a problem, and its solution. 


Our musculoskeletal system is the executor of movement originating from our conscious mind. Nonetheless, it is subject to unconscious internal processes like energy metabolism, cell physiology and your psychological state. Muscles cannot decide for themselves what to do but answer to the nervous system and wait for orders. Your mental state and its neuronal functioning have enormous effect on how well the musculoskeletal systems works (and vice versa). Optimal collaboration between these systems can result in peak performance. 



Our nervous system controls everything, whether in cognition or in action. It is of paramount importance to understand its functions and how to optimize it.


Nothing in the body works totally isolated. All is connected and can be involved in treatment through clinical psychoneuroimmunology.

Orthomolecular medicine

Understanding the human physiology and knowing how to detect dysfunction or deficiencies in vitamins or macro-nutrients.

Physical performance

Dividing the body in a visceral, musculoskeletal and mental system is the foundation of my therapy. Defining the typology of your body results in specialized treatment. 


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